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About Sabrina.

Sabrina is Social Media & Admin Assistant at SLS 360 as well as Lead Podcast Scriptwriter at ADHD Babes, and Founder & Owner of Botanical By Brina, a beauty and wellness brand. Sabrina is passionate about story-telling and sharing lived experiences to help others feel less alone.

At SLS 360, Sabrina supports the Founder/Managing Director in a variety of ways including assisting with distributing the Radio SLS 360 newsletter, creating content for LinkedIn, creating contracts and agreements to clients, and updating the website.

Sabrina is Lead Podcast Scriptwriter for ADHD Babes: The Podcast, writing on topics including workplace experiences, parenting and mental health. She has also hosted episodes on racial trauma in the workplace, motherhood and therapy. 

She is the founder of Botanical By Brina, a beauty and wellness brand that has a range of self-care products including skincare, cushions, scented candles, positive affirmation cards and skincare gift sets. 

Sabrina is a member of the Mums Advisory Board for The Motherhood Group. This is a group of mothers who are keen on advocating for maternal health and wellbeing. 

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