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About Magnus.

Magnus is a skilled audience development professional, having led on Audience Engagement and Partnerships at Museum of  London Archaeology from 2017-2022 before taking up a Clore Cultural Leadership Fellowship. Having honed his skills working with diverse  stakeholders within developer-led archaeology, Magnus is adept at facilitating conversations that drive people-centred practice, and in coaching  and supporting others to develop skills, having led a team of 20 community archaeologists.


Key projects include the Archaeology Audience  Network, which developed a culture of audience data and expertise-sharing across the UK archaeology sector, and the Coastal and Intertidal Zone  Archaeological Network/Coasts in Mind project, which Magnus led through a shift in focus toward nurturing and fostering community advocacy  skills around at-risk coastal heritage.


Both projects involved commissioning and managing external evaluation consultants. In addition Magnus has  designed data-led engagement strategies for projects with stakeholders including local authorities, national infrastructure bodies, AONBs, and  Community Forests.  Magnus also worked as MOLA's first Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Lead from 2018-2022, devising an organisation-wide strategy, establishing governance and reporting structures, and leading a Working Group, drawn from across the team of 300+ people, to effect long-lasting change.

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