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Emerge to Thrive

The EDI Leadership Course for Inclusive Leaders



Emerge to Thrive is a course and space for EDI leaders to explore how to achieve successful EDI outcomes in their organisation, learn how to effectively lead for change and grow as an individual leader.

It is designed to ensure participants are able to thrive in their role not simply survive, and takes participants on a journey where by the end they feel more confident, empowered, educated and most importantly, supported to bring renewed energy and focus back into their organisations.


More and more organisations are appointing individuals to take the lead on Equity or Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) to help shape, lead on and oversee the work of their organisation in achieving their EDI goals. The role often emerges out of a specific need, incident or event, or awareness that more needs to be done to affect sustainable, positive change for stakeholders in EDI.

But what is required to do this is a big task which involves not only awareness raising, educating others and dealing with challenging conversations and situations, but the ability to manage change and navigate power dynamics all while building and maintaining an inclusive culture for all.


For some EDI leaders, the infrastructure and support is not there to ensure the work has clear outcomes, is sustainable and continues to be resourced. If this is you, you know only too well how challenging this can be! 


The course is designed for you if you are leading on EDI, Diversity and/or Inclusion in some capacity. You may be a senior leader of your organisation,   part of the leadership team, a champion or middle leader. 

It is designed for individuals new to the role and unsure where to start or how to move the needle of change. It is also for those who are established in a role and are perhaps stuck in a stage of inactivity, need to inject some momentum or simply want some guidance, support  and fresh ideas.


This online course is a series of creative masterclasses and interactive workshops which explores the role of an EDI leader through 2 lenses. The Individual (INNER) lens and the organisational (OUTER) lens

There are 3 modules and each module focuses on specific learning outcomes. Participants will be provided with guided learning and resources and have access to recordings, resources, workshops, group activities and 1:1 coaching.

An important part of the course is the Emerge to Thrive network. Community is powerful as all too often, individuals are leading the charge alone. The network/community is a chance to learn from others and lives on beyond the end of the course, an invaluable resource in itself.

The course culminates in defined actions to take forward that make the most of each person's personal power for change.


  • 3 modules consisting of 2 x 2 hour fortnightly sessions (6 in total)

  • Each module consists of 1 x masterclass and 1 x workshop

  • All masterclasses are recorded to watch again

  • Participants will connect via an online network 

  • Small cohort - Maximum of 10 participants

  • Free 1:1 coaching session at the end of the course 


Group Meeting

The world needs leaders who add value to the people and organisations within which they lead and lead themselves successfully in order to lead others
(John C Maxwell)

E is for...

  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Redefined

  • EDI Policies in Practice 

  • Exploring The INNER and OUTER game

  • Energetically showing up

D is for...

  • Daring Greatly

  • The Difference is Data 

  • Developing Inclusive Practice

  • Driving Diversity from within

I is for...

  • Inclusion starts with 'I'

  • Inclusive leadership in Action

  • Implementing your EDI Strategy

  • Imperfect Action

Module 1 - Workshop

E is for...

Interactive session exploring the themes from the Masterclass with group and individual tasks to engage with.

Module 2 - Workshop 
D is for...

Interactive session exploring the themes from the Masterclass with group and individual tasks to engage with.

Module 3 - Workshop 
I is for...

Interactive session exploring the themes from the Masterclass with group and individual tasks to engage with.

Course Reviews

This was one of the best programmes I have engaged with in my hub career.  Sam was so engaging and even at the end of a long day filled me with enthusiasm to get going with things.  Would not hesitate to encourage others to engage with this it had been transformational for me.

I'd like the course to last indefinitely! This course is fantastic for anyone interested in leading on EDI. We had a real mix of responsibilities and amount of hours we had to dedicate to EDI, but everyone learnt so much to take away whatever their work situation!

I would love for this course to be available for all leaders, not only EDI leaders and this is because: how can one be a good leader if they weren't aware of the topics we covered and if EDI wasn't important to them? Fantastic course! Highly recommend!

Image by Chris Montgomery

Corporate rate - £1500 (Inc VAT)

Discounted rates for individuals 

Next Cohort - May - July 2023

10 Places Available

Places are limited!

Course Leader

Samantha Stimpson

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